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IGT Gas Safety Regulator(MOO1)

IGT Gas Safety Device (MOO1)

IGT Gas Safety Device (M001)

Minimum Order Quantity : 50 pieces
- Product Specifications
- SKU WEL.GAS.19182468
- Type of Product Low Pressure Regulator
- Model C-126
- Sub Type Kit
Avilable: In Stock

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IGT Gas Safety Device Manual Description :

Save your life from any mishap, always rely on IGT safety device We as Integrated Gas technology provides unique designs, well painted safety device and we ensure that the working language and instructions must match the national languages. Raw material of best quality is used while producing this device that is the reason we are not scared to offer 5 years warranty to our esteemed customers.

IGT safety device-

The IGT Gas Safety Device is a combination of a regulator and a meter gauge. This meter gauge helps in checking the leakage and amount of the gas that is present in the cylinder. This safety device will stop your cylinder from getting blast.

Installation of the IGT Safety Device

Installation of a safety device is an easy task. The rubber attached at the bottom will get firmly attached to the cylinder at the same place where usually the regulators are fixed. There is a knob attached to the regulator which will fix it tightly on the cylinder. Thus it will ensure complete safety and keep the gas intact.


It is easy to use the IGT Safety Device. The device will provide complete information about the quantity of gas present in the cylinder. The design is formulated to diagnose any leakage or damage which may result in a blast. It provides first hand safety to the customers. After fixing the device turn the knob to the right. It will ensure easy gas flow in the pipe. As soon as the pipe is filled with gas it will show the total gas present in it. The needle on the meter gauge will start moving. The needle will stop at the point where it will tell the exact quantity of gas.


Safety device has many advantages apart from providing safety. It controls the excess flow valve and saves from using excess gas. Its advanced lock system is made up of metal body, eventually saving it from getting burnt. It will provide exact gas pressure. The colors indicated at the meter gauge are easy to understand. The colors are painted to ensure complete guidance to the user.


IGT Gas safety distributor in India will provide the best quality in reasonable price. The product is insured with 2 Million Euro insurance thus guarantee the authenticity of the safety device. Company is liable for its quality product and promise to deliver the products within time to its customers.

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